Galtronics Unveils Omni Whip for Outdoor Data Acquisition Systems


Galtronics Extent Whip Antennas Web

Canadian and Israeli company Galtronics Corporation Ltd., a Baylin Technologies company which innovates antenna and communications solutions, has launched the latest additions to its award-winning EXTENT antenna line at Mobile World Congress. The new Omni Whip antennas are designed for deployment in small cell installations and outdoor distributed antenna systems.

They are on public display for the first time in Galtronics‘ Booth 6B60 at MWC this week.

The compaby states that its new EXTENT Omni Whip antenna product line includes dual-band, triple-band and quad-band models and support a wide range of frequencies. They are PIM certified to provide the best support for excellent LTE performance, with every port tested prior to shipment.

“Our new line of Extent whip antennas is another example for a Galtronics solution for trends in the markets with increasing demand, ” said Ephraim Ulmer, President and CEO of Galtronics. “This line was developed to support the growing need for precision coverage especially in urban areas. We in Galtronics are investing in new and leading technologies to address our customer’s needs.”

Features of the EXTENT Omni Whip antenna line include: Full frequency coverage of: 698-740 / 740-793 /793-894 /894-960 /1710-1910/ 1910-2180/ 2305-2360 / 2360-2700

Multiple paint color options for the antenna radome, to address site aesthetics.

Guaranteed PIM certification (< -150 dBc @ 2×43 dbm)
For more information and to see the antennas firsthand, visit Galtronics in Booth 6B60 at Mobile World Congress.
Headquartered in Tiberias, Israel, with locations in North America, Europe and the Far East, Galtronics has state-of-the art design centers around the globe as well as world class manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam.

The company offers custom and off-the-shelf antenna solutions from concept and design to production and delivery of products for the world’s leading wireless organizations. Since our establishment in 1978, our business has grown into an international platform with operations in North America and Asia.


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