Published On: Fri, Feb 27th, 2015

Senator Brian Schatz, Representative Jackie Speier, Tackle NFL Domestic Abuse

Schatz and Speier say owners, who want to avoid suspensions, should be held accountable

Sen. Brian Schatz

Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and representative Jackie Speier (D-California) wrote the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to encourage league to take more responsibility for penalizing players for domestic violence violations, and to make team owner more accountable according to Daily Tribune.

The issue is relevant to the government, since the NFL is a non-profit organization and receives tax breaks from the Senate Commerce Committee.

“The basic problem is that domestic violence is not being taken seriously by the NFL. In the letter sent to Goodell, Speier and Schatz wrote, “We urge you to create accountability at all levels of the NFL, particularly among team owners, who have the most financial incentive to avoid long-term suspensions, and quickly get players back on the field.” The suggested the league dock draft picks as a disciplinary measure against teams that fail to address the issue.

While less than 1% of NFL players were charged with domestic abuse, Nanci Kreidman, head of Domestic Violence Action Center, said, “We have to make sure that as we watch football on Sundays, we can look at our little girls in the eye, our wives in the eye and say this organization is doing the right thing and reflecting our values”

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