Published On: Thu, Feb 26th, 2015

Steve Perlman’s ‘Crazy Fast’ PCell Network to Hit the Streets of San Francisco

San Francisco will be a "showroom" for a faster, more efficient mobile network


The technology that critics says is impossible has just become more likely as Dish Networks has joined forces with Artemis’ head Steve Perlman to “blanket San Francisco with some crazy-fast, crazy efficient” mobile data, once it gets FCC approval, according to Gizmodo.

San Francisco is going to be the launching pad for the pCell (parameterized cell) technology, which is expected to be 35 times faster and instead of avoiding interference by creating gaps, actually uses interference to its advantage. When a phone broadcasts its location, the pCell network figures out the right combination of signals that will work by “intelligently overlapping wireless signals, ” according to Gizmodo.

Perlman told RE/code, “The basic wireless service sends waves out to make sure they don’t interfere. That’s why the world  is divided in to cells. What we did is say, ‘Look, let everything interfere, but control the way we send those signals. Combine them together and make it so the combinations add up to the wave form the phone needs to receive its own private signal.”

The days of networks getting overloaded when crowded may be over, as each phone may be giving individual high speed data connection. The pCell will work with existing technology and will be accessed by loading a SIM card into a phone. Perlman says he isn’t aiming to be a mobile carrier, but wants to get mobile carriers interested in the pCell technology and San Francisco is the best place to try it out.


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