Published On: Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015

Why Is Everyone So Surprised by Sharon Osbourne’s F-Bomb about the Oscars?

An F-Bomb from Sharon Osbourne is relatively mild compared to the verbal abuse that could have issued from her in regards to the Oscars

Sharon Osbourne

Why is it so shocking that Sharon Osbourne dropped the F-bomb in public? Frankly, it would have been shocking for Sharon Osbourne not to have been vulgar in public.

The occasion was Sir Elton John’s Oscar viewing celebrity party to raise money for AIDS research. Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne’s rebbetzin and reality show diva, got up and said, “We are not here for the Oscars. We are here to fight AIDs. Fuck the Oscars.” Apparently, Elton John didn’t know where to look and seemed visibly embarrassed, according to the Mirror, which is strange because…well he DOES know who Sharon Osbourne is, doesn’t he?

In fact, her dropping the F-bomb was brief and mild compared to the ad hominem attacks or bitchy tirades she could have launched against the stars at the red carpet event. She could have gotten on a roll about someone’s awful dress, or some other starlet’s sex life or an actor’s terrible performance (in whatever sense). So a brief “Fuck the Oscars” doesn’t seem worth a comment, except that journalists seem to love Sharon Osbourne and no one has really talked about her in a while.

A source actually apologized for Sharon’s behavior and explained why she was driven to drop an F-bomb…news flash…she cursed because she felt very strongly about the issue, “Sharon is very supportive of the cause, and also very, very passionate, so she got up and said how she felt. It is about making money for her, money to help people so she started using the F-word towards the Oscars.”

Oh for crying out loud. This explanation that Sharon Osbourne dropped an F-bomb because she felt strongly about something sounds like someone coming up with an excuse for why a kid shouldn’t be suspended from school for cursing. I mean, give me a fucking break.

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