Published On: Tue, Feb 17th, 2015

Roman Abramovich Renovates his Yacht

Why does a yacht like this need to be renovated? Only Roman Abramovich knows

Roman Abramovich Yacht

As a sequel, by popular demand, to Jewish Business News’ groundbreaking piece, “Roman Abramovich Moves His Yacht, ” is the follow-up: Roman Abramovich renovates his yacht. It has not only moved since we left it last, but it has moved all the way from the Bahamas to Germany, where it is docked for renovation. The Daily Mail tells us this, but it doesn’t elaborate on what renovations are being made.

How can one improve upon the Chelsea soccer club owner’s yacht, called the Eclipse? Add a third swimming pool, another disco, a few dozen more jacuzzis? How about an additional submarine to the one the Eclipse already has, 30 jet skis instead of just 20, 12 foot movie screens instead of just 6 foot, 140 trainer personnel instead of 70. Abramovich could add another defense system and sophisticated doo-dads to ward off pirates or paparazzi.

Maybe Abramovich is making it bigger. Why not? It used to be the largest jumbo yacht until it was surpassed by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayad’s Assam, which is 590ft compared to the Eclipse, which is just 500ft long. Perhaps Abramovich is getting an extension on his yacht. The only way to find out of course, is to send journalists to check it out. But with the Eclipse’s advanced anti-paparazzi system, one may be taking his or her life in their hands just snapping a selfie in the vicinity.

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