Published On: Fri, Feb 6th, 2015

Soap Star Adriana Ferreyr Suing Soros, Goes Beserk in Court, Case Dismissed

Adriana Ferreyr, who claims ex-boyfriend George Soros assaulted her, caused the suit to be dismissed by attacking Soros' lawyer

Adriana Ferreyr + Soros

Adriana Ferreyr, former girlfriend of 84 year old billionaire George Soros, went beserk on his lawyer, and caused the Manhattan Supreme Court judge to dismiss the case, according to the Daily News.

Apparently not getting enough drama from her roles on the small screen, Adriana, who sued Soros for injuring her foot with a lamp during an altercation in 2010, tried to swipe back from Soros’ lawyer, Andrew Brettler, some medical releases she had signed in court. Ferreyr, who lacked a lawyer because she was defending herself (while it seems Soros’ lawyer could have used some self defence) said she grabbed the paper back because the case was supposed to be stayed until she got her files back from her former lawyer.

Judge Debra James dismissed the case as the result of Ferreyr’s temper tantrum, and the soap opera star claimed the judge’s dismissal was because James was “overwhelmed with the complexity of the issues … I have the law on my side, ” she told the Daily News.

They say justice is blind, but when faced with Ferreyr’s litigation, lady Justice might have to make sure she knows some karate or Krav maga; during a deposition last year, Ferreyr hit one of Soros’ lawyers in the head and got into a wrestling match. She denies this claim and says the lawyer was intentionally frustrating her.

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