Published On: Wed, Feb 4th, 2015

What, Uber Worry? Rapist Dehli Driver Won’t Hijack Takeover Bid for Meru

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All seems to be forgotten, if not forgiven for Uber in India following a rape case in New Dehli as Uber is in the market to buy Meru cabs, an Indian radio taxi company, according to the Economic Times. Uber’s reputation seemed to have been tainted in India after rider in New Dehli claimed a driver raped her and tried to strangle her.

Her lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, was shocked at Uber’s chutzpah for sending an email directly to his client informing her of Uber’s  re-entry into the Dehli market so soon after the alleged assault (was she supposed to throw a party for them)? Wigdor found the email so offensive that he and his client are demanding higher compensation for the emotional distress Uber’s actions have caused her and as a deter other drivers from thinking they can get away with sexual assault.

Uber doesn’t seem to let this and its many other scandals in other parts of the world, including lawsuits and prosecution for violating local regulations, bother it overmuch, and the $40 billion ride sharing app is in the market for the $400 million Indian cab company. India Value Fund Advisors currently owns 80% of Meru, and might hold a minority stake if Uber takes it over.

If the deal takes place, it could be an other example of the “if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em” strategy of aggressively growing companies like Uber. CEO Travis Kalanick, who is Jewish, will benefit from having his main competitor in India under the Uber roof.

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