Published On: Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein Throw Zingers at Alfalfa Dinner

Mitch McConnell,   Dianne Feinstein

The 102 year old tradition, the Alfalfa dinner, was not open to the press, but plenty of jokes were leaked. Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell from Kentucky was made President of the society and addressed attendees on the topic of his advantages over Mitt Romney, according to the Washington Post.

“My point is, I can lead. Americans are simply not impressed by the old faces: Clinton, Romney, Bush. People are looking for a fresh, exciting face, you know, like me.” Then he returned to the subject of Romney, who is running for a third time, “But you know, he’s already in the Guinness Book of World Records. Between running for President and being a Mormon Missionary, Mitt has actually knocked on every door in America.”

The dinner was attended by Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, Rupert Murdoch, and one person McConnell gave particular attention to, his father-in-law, James Chao, a Chinese immigrant who raised 6 daughters in America and sent 4 of them to Harvard Business school, including McConnell’s wife, former Labor Secretary, Elaine Chao. According to, McConnell said, “It always makes me feel good to tell that story, and I tell it tonight simply to remind us of the responsibilities we have to maintain the freedoms that made James Chao’s success possible.”

From one tale of upward mobility to another; Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “Jeb President looks like he’s running for President. So now we know what the Bush family means by ‘no child left behind.”

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