David Beckham Says Announcement on Miami MLS Club Imminent


David Beckham and Paul Ritchie

Retired soccer superstar David Beckham, who is laying the groundwork for the establishment of a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise in Miami, said in a recent interview that the preparations are about to shift into high gear.

“We’re pretty close to announcing certain things and then the stadium will come after that, ” he told E Online. “You can’t build a stadium overnight, so finding the right site, finding the right place in Miami is important for us. But it will all start coming together pretty quickly and everything will start happening pretty soon. I’m really excited about that. Being an ex-soccer player to have my own team, I’m excited about that.”

Local government officials have rejected two waterfront stadium proposals and many have started to question whether the city is serious about MLS. While Beckham’s dream is to build a waterfront stadium in Miami, it is clear that the city is not in favor of the proposed plan. It remains to be seen where the club will be able to find available land in a prime location that will not hinder its chances of filling the stadium, Fansided.com said.

MLS commissioner Don Garber has made no secret about the fact he wants the league to have 24 teams by 2020 and it is still expected that Miami will be one of those teams. However, with the likes of Minneapolis, Sacramento, St. Louis, and Las Vegas all looking to gain MLS expansion sides, Miami needs to get things in order sooner rather than later, the report said.

David Beckham has accomplished a lot on the pitch but his biggest battle might be the one off of it,  and many fans are hoping there will finally be some progress for the planned franchise, the website said.



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