Published On: Sun, Feb 1st, 2015

British Anti-Semites Plan Rally in Stamford Hill, Spew Facebook Venom

liberate Stamford Hill

A white supremicist anti-semitic group is planning a rally in on March 22 to protest what they call the “Jewification of Stamford Hill, ” according to Ynet. The district has the highest concentration of chareidi or ultra-orthodox Jews in Europe, and the anti-semitic group is protesting modesty signs that were only intended for chareidi residents and the existence of shomrim, religious guards that function alongside police officers in the area.

The protest’s Facebook page said, “We are demonstrating against the illegal and unlawful Jewish Shomrim police that are enforcing Talmudic law on British streets.” They refer to the shomrim as “armed thugs” and write, “ENOUGH White man, it’s time we fight back.” Later on the page, they write that the only reason they can’t “promise a Nuremberg rally” is that “the budget doesn’t cover that much just yet.”

Separately a former civil servant, Zaim Mohammed, 43, posted on Facebook that he has no problem with Jewish, but said, “My grievance is with Hitler for failing to exterminate the Jewish race, ” the Daily Record reports. He added, “He realized this was a nation of manipulative troublemakers who are extremely greedy with a dangerous appetite to consume, horde and control and, in turn, make everyone else’s lives a misery.” Glasgow based lawyer Matthew Berlow reported the hateful posting from Zaim Mohammed. “I have asked the police to investigate, ” said Berlow. “I was both shocked and offended. As a lawyer, I am in favor of freedom of speech, but this is just hatred.”


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