Published On: Sun, Jan 18th, 2015

Black Girls Excluded from Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Harem

Jeffrey Epstein

The plot gets sicker. Virginia Roberts, whose diary revealed last week her horrible alleged encounter with Prince Andrew when she was only 17, also indicates that not only was Jeffrey Epstein a pedophile and a pimp, he was also a bigot, according to the Daily Mail.

Epstein pimped out girls as young as 12 to have sex with high profile clients, then would demand details from his “workers” so he could blackmail the celebrity johns. Now it turns out that he refused to have black prostitutes working for him, according to Virginia Roberts; “There was a constant influx for girls coming in and going out. We were very young.” The girls who serviced Epstein himself, sometimes as many as seven a day, “had to be young pretty, you know, a fun personality. They couldn’t be black.” A darker skinned girl had to be “exotically beautiful” to compensate for her non-white look.

Roberts claims that between 1999 and 2002 she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew in London, New York and to participate with him in orgies on a Caribbean island. She also claims she was pimped out to Alan Dershowitz, who was on Epstein’s legal team during his molestation trial in 2008. Both Buckingham Palace and Dershowitz deny the claims.

The case erupted again as several of Epstein’s victims said they were not consulted in the plea bargain that sentenced Epstein to a mere 18 months in prison, of which he only served 16 months. Epstein asked that the correspondence relating the the plea deal be kept sealed, but Judge Marra said Epstein would have to show “extraordinary circumstances or particularlized needs” to justify doing so.

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