MUV Interactive’s Bird Makes teaching Easier


Israeli startup, MUV Interactive, a developer of intuitive interaction technology solutions that enable displayed content to be utilized from anywhere in a room, will showcase its flagship product, bird for a new immersive and engaging classroom interactivity experience, at Bett 2015, a leading learning technology event which will be held in London from January 21-24.

The company boasts that bird enables educators to interact with their students from anywhere in the classroom, while simultaneously controlling courseware content that can be projected on any surface.

Bird, it says, allows educators and presenters to move away from the whiteboard while still maintaining full control of the lesson. MUV boasts that it is an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art device worn on the teacher’s index finger, facilitating continuous interaction with projected digital content from any location in the classroom. bird enables educators to seamlessly choose from a variety of interaction methods, including: touch, remote-touch, depth sensing, hover, gestures, mouse functionality or a red Laser pointer.

“bird introduces a new experience, that goes far beyond traditional touch-based or board technologies currently in use, changing the way educators teach and students learn”, said MUV Interactive Founder & CEO Rami Parham. “Because bird works with any courseware, using any projector type and on any projection size. It is simple, intuitive and affordable, making it easy to adopt in schools and academic institutions.”

Orders for bird will ship in Q2 2015. The company said that it has already received significant orders for bird and is closely working with distributors from all over the world to ensure product delivery to the education and other sectors.

MUV declares that its technology provides accurate 3D location and motion sensing and enables intuitive and natural interaction with the surrounding digital environment.


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