Published On: Wed, Jan 14th, 2015

Diary of Epstein’s Teen Prostitute Recounts Sex Slave Night with Prince Andrew

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Apparently, the diary of Virginia Roberts, who claims she was forced by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and other high profile figures, has surfaced, and it details her night with the Prince. Perhaps the diary is not legit, but the handwriting is the curly large type that is characteristic of teenagers. Roberts, who is now a mother of three, is involved in the case along with other alleged victims of Epstein. Both Prince Andrew and Dershowitz have denied allegations, and Dershowitz has threatened to sue for defamation, an avenue not open to the Duke, because he is a Royal.

The Daily Mail shows excepts from the diary. Virginia Roberts said that she met the Prince in 2001, and they were introduced at the home of Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the disgraced Robert Maxwell. Roberts said she told her parents she had to go get training as a masseuse, apparently something the parents of a 17 year old girl would normally approve of (and was it so far from the truth?). She recalls that the Duke of York broke the ice by starting to talk about his daughters (!), and immediately asked how old she was (!!). When she replied 17, Maxwell said charmingly, “She’ll be too old soon, ” and Maxwell lied about the teenager’s age to please the Prince and said she was only 16.

During dinner, the Prince stared at her low V-neck top and the two hit the dance floor at the Tramp in Central London (He did this in right in London?). He plied her with alcoholic drinks, but Roberts was sober enough to notice that the fifth line to the British throne was a horrible dancer, “He was the most incredibly hideous dancer I have ever seen, and not to mention how embarrassing it was to have to be the one he was smashing pelvics with, even if he was a prince.”

Prince Andrew fondled Roberts on the dance floor, and whether it was to do what she understood was her duty or to get him to stop his hideous and embarrassing dancing, she led him away, and the two returned to Maxwell’s house (but not for an innocent cup of coffee). Robert’s writing doesn’t convey much excitement on her part, “I was doing my best trying to put on a good show for him by slowly undressing and started to pour a bath.” She was shocked that the Prince immediately began licking her toes; “That was definitely a first for me, but I went with it all, fearful of letting down the Prince and in turn, Jeffrey and Ghislaine.”

The actual sex, Roberts said, was “short lived, ” and the Prince made a getaway, hurriedly getting dressed and running down to his driver who was waiting for him outside.

Prince Andrew’s ex wife, Sarah Ferguson, has stood by Prince Andrew and says the claims are false. “It’s a defamation of character and, as a great father and humongously good man, all the work he has done for Britain, I won’t stand by and let him have his character defamed to this level.”

Humongously good? Well, I’m outclassed. I haven’t used the word “Humungously” since I was seventeen.


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