Published On: Wed, Jan 14th, 2015

Averting Islamophobia with Honesty

Mohammed Cartoon

The Koran contains passages, which espouse peace and comity. It is theses passages, perhaps, that have enabled Presidents Bush and Obama, and several foreign political leaders, to mistakenly declare Islam a religion of peace. The Koran also contains passages which call for world domination and which espouse violence, mayhem, and even murder as the required and current action for the promotion and protection of Islam, and its objectives. The direct effect of these verses is reported daily in our news media. In Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, in dozens of other countries, more recently in France, acts of violence, mayhem, and murder are being carried out, in the name of Allah. While many, if not most, Muslims do not ascribe to this behavior, it cannot be denied that Islam propagates a significant, controlling minority of those whose religious zealotry and savagery, denies the peoples of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, peace in our time.

Nor can the practices, in much of the Muslim world, of discrimination against women, including genital mutilation, and honor killing, and against the LGBT community, who live in fear of their lives, be denied.

In the interest of preventing Islamophobia, and hatred for Muslims, our Government continues its claim that Islam is a religion of peace, and much of the media avoids calling incidents, and perpetrators of terror, Islamic. Attributing the violence that is engulfing the world to Muslim radical extremists is a snare and a delusion. This well-intentioned deception is increasingly self-defeating, as people’s eyes are opened to the reality that Islam itself must be reformed. If Islamophobia is to be averted, Muslims, en masse, must clearly condemn acts of violence committed by Muslims, and expunge their mosques of radicals, and the dissemination of hateful propaganda. Judaism and Christianity were once religions, which included violence in the name of God. They have reformed. So must Islam – for its own sake, and for the sake of peace in the world.

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