Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

Ukrainian Aid Vs. Russian Sanctions: George Soros Arrives In Kiev

George Soros Attend Senate Hearing On Energy Market Manipulation

George Soros arrived in Kiev in an effort to make his plan to provide international aid to the embattled Ukraine a reality, as reported by UA Today. Soros wrote in the New York Review of books that the international community should emphasize aid to the debt-laden Ukraine as much as sanctions against Russia. Soros believes that this two-pronged approach should enhance stability in Europe, because if the Ukraine falls, Europe may follow.

“Europe needs to wake up and realize it is under attack from Russia, ” said Soros, a Hungarian born Holocaust survivor, “Assisting the Ukraine should be seen as a defense expenditure by the European countries.”

The International Monetary Fund has put together $17 million worth of aid to the Ukraine, but needs an additional $15 million. Soros believes additional funding could come from the European Investment Bank, World Bank  and the European Bank for Reconstruction and ReDevelopment.

Some of the Russian press remains skeptical about Soros’ motives for involvement in the Ukraine. One Russian publication, “the People’s Voice, “calls George Soros an “enemy of Russia, “claims that he and President Obama were behind the coup that ousted the Russian-friendly administration on the Ukraine prior to Russia’s invasion, and that, since Russia had lent $3 billion to the Ukraine, it was entitled to force repayment. In addition, conspiracy theories are circulating through Russia that Soros and Obama organized the coup so they could privatize the Ukraine’s industries and carve up the country. Presumably, the conspiracy theory depicts the Russian invasion and the “salvation” of the Ukraine and Russian interests.

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