Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

Acronis Releases Version 3.0 of its Backup as Security Service


Acronis, a leader in data protection which is represented in Israel by Matrix, announced a new version of its storage and backup solution cloud Acronis Backup as a Service.

Everything is being done on line these days. More and more data is being stored with cloud services, both by businesses and individuals. This is because the cloud offers the convenience of having your hard drive go with you wherever you go and moots the need for logging on to a virtual console from a remote location. It also allows companies to save on the cost of maintaining their own large IT complexes.

But this also comes with added security risks. Just ask the actresses who had private nude pictures of themselves stolen by hackers.

The company states that the Acronis Backup as a Service is a multi-tenant solution that supports multiple users / customers and provides a backup system, data storage and disaster recovery organization hybrid local environment and the cloud model for Use Pay payment (payment for use).

The solution includes a high level of security including SSL encryption of channels and enterprise data management and support for workstations, servers, both physical and virtual Linux environment and Windows environment.

Acronis provides backup solution in the cloud since 2010 when the recently launched new Data centers in Germany and Japan, broad global deployment complementary with those who are in the United States, France, Russia, Singapore.

The new version 3 provides a wide range of data protection capabilities organization which permits the service providers to expand their areas of activity and increase their business cycle without a large initial investment.

With the aid of the AnyData engine, Acronis version 3 Backup as a Service provides flexible application options including Turn-Key solutions for hosted service providers of Acronis Data centers. It says that these solutions for service providers can offer their customers backup and storage solutions for hybrid, combining local environment both within the company and the cloud environment.

According to Jonathan Cohen, Director of Sales Acronis Software Products Division of Matrix, “the Acronis Backup as a Service solution supports the trend of the transition to the cloud by organizations and companies in Israel and around the world. It provides a solution for backup and data protection in a professional, advanced and reliable, integrating high security and extensibility in accordance with the needs of the organization. All within a flexible and affordable business model.”

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