Published On: Mon, Jan 12th, 2015

Is Sarah Silverman Sad?


Sarah Silverman Sad

The usually upbeat, irreverent comedienne has been blue lately, according to those who are manning her social media updates looking for any variation in her style . Of course, whenever a famous lady seems down, the kneejerk reaction is to attribute it to her love life, but perhaps it isn’t unreasonable, given this Instragram status, as noted by Crushable: “Rethink your love of diamonds, dummy. They mean nothing. You’re being stupid.”

Maybe she is vaguebooking about a friend who is too concerned with precious gems. Those of you on social media know what trouble vaguebooking, that is, isolated musings without a stated context, can cause.

Her significant other is Michael Sheen, award-winning stage actor who, after a lauded performance of Hamlet at the Old Vic, stars in Showtime’s “Masters of Sex, ” about the 1960s human sexuality pioneers Masters & Johnson. She could be blue about her relationship with Sheen, could be blue about something else, or not blue at all. She could be pulling our legs, but it seems something is up with posts like “Sleeping all day is my version of drinking to forget.” and “I can’t find a good reason to get my head off the table, ” followed by, “I found a good reason to get my head off the table; to roll into a ball.”

Followed by: “There’s only one person that can make you happy, and that’s you, just kidding, it’s me.” She admitted to listening to “Say Something 14 times in a row and producing a tear” and followed that with “Having one of those I’m going to die and no one is going to find me kind of mornings.”

Well, who knows what is going on, but knowing Sarah Silverman, she’ll snap out of it.

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