Published On: Fri, Jan 9th, 2015

Chuck D Reflects on Fight with Peter Rosenberg

Chuck D

Last year, Chuck D tweeted that Hot 97 has made a “sloppy fiasco” out of hip hop. He later added on the thread, “They need to have their doors shut like Sterling. NBA will take a team from a billionaire. NYC HipHop should take the station.” as reported by

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg responded that “Hip hop doesn’t need a President. It needs …. socialism.” He accused Chuck D of trolling. He then said Chuck D. has never liked radio anyway and said, “Chuck, what are you doing to support this culture besides tweeting confusing messages in 140 characters or less? Are you going out to shows? Cause we are all at shows and booking new artists every single day.”

The source of the conflict was at the Summer Jam in 2008, when an announcer introduced Chuck D of Public Enemy and repeatedly used the “n” word. Chuck D. commented, “Don’t try to tell me what you did and didn’t do. That’s some bullshit. It was wack when I was there. It was bound to get sloppier with nobody there to hold y’all in check …  Hot 97 was sloppy. It’s not censorship, but damn, man, control the goddamn performance.”

In a recent interview, Chuck D said the fight wasn’t really about Peter Rosenberg, “The whole thing with Peter Rosenberg, I never looked at him as being the problem, ” ChuckD said in an interview with TheReal Hip-Hop. “He was never the problem. The things he was saying were totally irrelevant. Dude, you aren’t even making sense to your friends and supporters. I’m just saying give me some answers, man, and cats couldn’t come up with answers to support it.”

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