Photography Buff Lenny Kravitz Has a Leica Named after Him



It looks like musician Lenny Kravitz is going to have a busy 2015 in the world of photography. The Leica user has announced a new photo book containing images captured by Kravitz himself documenting life on the road as a rock star. What’s more, we may soon see a limited edition Leica M rangefinder named after him, photography blog PetaPixel said.

Kravitz’s new hardcover book, titled “Flash, ” has 96 pages and 50 duotone photographs. It’s a “thrilling collection [that] documents Kravtiz’s world tours, offering a rare record of the nomadic musical life, ” the book’s description says.

Kravitz has been interested in cameras since childhood, and in recent years photographer friends of his have taught him the fundamentals of photography using a Leica M rangefinder. He is often seen with one by his side, the website said.

As a celebrity constantly under the watchful eye of paparazzi and the public, Kravitz uses his interest in photography as a way to turn the cameras back on the people photographing him, PetaPixel said.

“Flash” can be purchased on Amazon for $34.

Leica will reportedly be announcing a limited-edition Leica M 240 that’s named after Kravitz. It is said to feature a coated brass exterior as a tribute to the world of music, according to the website.

Kravitz, whose father was Jewish, has been photographed wearing a Star of David on many occasions.



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