InformUp Has New Test Case Software


Israeli startup InformUp, a provider of testing solutions for Agile developers, recently introduced its test case management software, which it declared has now been hailed as a champion in test case management solutions. InformUp, boasts that it integrates all aspects of testing to provide developers hassle free development experiences every time.

“We are thrilled to work with InformUp’s cutting edge solutions. In fact, we have decided to opt for all other solutions from InformUp, seeing how versatile these products are, ” said Kevin Smith, CEO at SmartPace Networking Solutions. “A successful implementation, jointly with customers and developers, is the ideal for any Agile developer. Since InformUp comes as a comprehensive suite, it is really helpful and has helped us raise the quality of all end products.”

“We have continued to solicit feedback from customers and have used this as an input to create better software every time. InformUp continues to be the testing platform of choice for us, because our customers are happy with the applications we are now providing to them. Quality and affordability are both very strong components of our offered solutions and InformUp’s test case management tools help us achieve exactly what we need, ” he added.

“InformUp is committed to helping customers produce high quality applications and software, which are able to meet expectations of their end users – exactly the way they envisioned it. We continue help our clients leverage Agile technologies to meet their business challenges, ” claimed InformUp’s Founder and CEO. Currently InformUp has a number of testing and bug fixing solutions, which are available at highly affordable prices, and can be used with appropriate licenses.

InformUp currently offers a test case management software and a bug tracking system. The main features that set InformUp apart from competition, the company asserts, include its ability to create unlimited projects and test cases, seamless integration into ALM tools, ability to create and run tests easily, generate bugs right from the test runs, use of hierarchical filters to organize test runs seamless linkage between application requirements, bugs and tests, fully customized drill down dashboard which is both comprehensive and easy to use.

The test case management tool is intended to improve software quality and has been designed keeping in mind the contemporary development models and needs.

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