For our Arab Viewers: Watch Ridley Scott’s Banned Film ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Online

'Exodus Gods and Kings'

To date, the governments of Egypt, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates, have banned Ridley Scott’s film “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” And while some have found the work offensive because it featured distinctly non-African looking actors in the main roles, Morocco and the UAE have banned it for “religious mistakes, ” including a depiction of God in human form, which is forbidden under Islam.

Egypt said it objected to “historical inaccuracies, ” meaning the story, much like the Bible, is very anti-Egyptian.

Egyptian cultural minister Gaber Asfour called Exodus: Gods And Kings “a Zionist film” that “gives a Zionist view of history and contains historical inaccuracies, and that’s why we have decided to ban it.”

In case you don’t speak officialese, by “Zionist” he meant “Jewish.”

Asfour objected to the film’s depiction of Jewish slaves building the pyramids, which were finished hundreds of years before the first Jew set foot in Egypt. He’s obviously right on that point, but, come on, to ban a movie over historical inaccuracies? Are you kidding me? Did you ban Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra?

Exodus: Gods And Kings made $24.5 million in its opening weekend. We’re showing it for free. As usual, x away the pop ads, don’t install anything they try to push on you, and keep clicking the on button until the movie starts showing. It will probably buffer a bit, but in the end, there it will be:

Click here for the direct video feed.

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