Millionaire Wins Thousands in the NY Lottery


Robert Fagenson

Life just isn’t fair! Already a millionaire, Wall Street wiz Robert Fagenson just one $65, 000 in the lottery.

Why is that lottery winners always turn out to be either old people on social security, or people who do not really need the money? It’s like that old joke: “Rooting for the Yankees to win the World Series is like rooting for Bill Gates to win the lottery.”

Apparently Fagenson, the CEO of National Securities, a large retail brokerage firm, has been playing the New York State Lottery for two decades, always using the same numbers. They come from his wedding anniversary, his wife’s birthday and his children’s birthdays.

On December 27, he placed second place and took home $65, 243.

As he told The New York Post, “I was just wondering if the system really worked. Now I know it actually works.”


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