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Your 2015 Horoscope: Life, Finances & Everything



AriesJanuary: A month of many meetings. Enjoy enormous popularity. Mercury’s withdrawal in the middle of the month could cause many mishaps and problems. Avoid buying a car or a new cell phone/tablet. Keep an eye on your health and be cautious on the roads.

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February: Starting on the 21st , Mars and Venus will visit Aries and your charm will take off. You are starting the new year with projects, changes, and new relationships. Singles with old ties will establish good new relationships.

March: continuing changes including labor, potential new directions. Expected economic growth and opportunity for large purchases.

April: A month of dramatic growth. Changes in your role, work and travel potential. Threshold exceeded expenses will increase. The project may be large or an acquisition.

May: changes in the family, begin home renovations. After Mercury’s withdrawal on the 15th you will have communication issues, problems, you should not renovate or move.

June: Singles, dating and new love relationship there may be expanding family. At the end of the withdrawal, learn and create new projects.

July: Ccontinuation of a trend change at home, the family while important decisions on the rest of the way. Relationships may result because of fundamental issues. Possible separation / leave the family nest.

August: Venus lion withdrawal will affect the relationship to the subject of -6.9 and greater sensitivity to the field, dealing with children and young family. Mid-month implies separations and changes in family relationships fabric. New Beginnings of work and projects.

September: Mercury begins the withdrawal on the 17th. This time, it may affect the subjects of marriage, partnerships. Unstable relationships, will not survive. Singles, dating unexpected news. Beginning of meaningful work.

October: important development at work and progress in achieving goals. Month crucial when it comes to work and still very sensitive to background ratios and if it comes to these partnerships can vary.

November: a major practice in public relations and personal relationships. A couple undergo changes which have implications for your life. Singles new beginnings. Financial issues will be major controversy began joint property acquisitions.

December: good month for travel and achievements in the fields of study, and obtaining a degree in law. Changes in the couple and separation may be problematic relationships. Take time for new beginnings career began a new role to the departure of existing work.



TaurusJanuary: Mercury’s withdrawal will affect the luck varying from subject to change as part of the role and / or relocation. Multi-month stress much mobility, meetings and your communication will be at its best.

February: new influences are expected this month, new beginnings and unexpected turns. Expectation of improving financial and communication at its best. Singles dating emotions.

March: Work and communication will be better. Passage of Venus will benefit love life.

April: Month of changes in conduct, work and mindset. Begin to put into practice what processes have been in motion since the day you were born.

May: Purchases are worth considering.

June: Upon completion of the withdrawal of Mercury in mid-May, aspects relate to positive changes when it comes to home and family. Buying a home or renovation they would do well with you. Month advantage of the family atmosphere.

July: Month of mobility nature and practice sessions, marketing and sales of new fields of study. Culture to be away from home to improve its work and your career development.

August: Venus withdrawal will affect the Leo family issues, greater sensitivity to the fabric of relations and issues relating to buy a house or a change that can cause difficult dealing with the family.

September: another month with implications for the family and home issues. Mercury retrograde time scales and at your work will affect your work routine may not be able to operate normally because of the many problems

October: from mid-September you come back to yourself on all cylinders. Expect changes for the better. Preoccupation with children or family celebrations.

November: a good month for lovers singles and romantic engagements. But also partnerships in employment out of the question.

December: Changes in work and construction of a project idea. Perhaps the changes that the frame manufactures and affect your position. Financial issues will be important with respect to your rights and an upcoming trip out of the question.



GeminiJanuary: Mercury retrograde this month. A great month for romantic dating and relationships exist surprisingly good turn.

February: changes for the better career began proposal or contract role until the middle of nature you this month. It is possible that you go to or meet with someone from overseas successes and all tests are expected to calling law or bureaucracy.

March: Continued Practice on working important project or starts.

April: good month for achievements and your media aspect. Enjoy popularity and many event invitations.

May: a decline in health, weakness and fatigue.

June: Enjoy changes you make and good opportunities and interesting projects.

July: a period with an increase in financial income, but also with quite a few of your expected expenses. Your media will be at its best and those of you engaged in sales and media will enjoy successes.

August: Venus lion withdrawal may affect the important issues stop you send a message and communications. But this month’s moves suggest changes are expected.

September: Continue to advance his home and family. That will be a major topic and suggests the mood in the coming year with the advent of Jupiter-family residential home. May start a life together and beyond the environment and better.

October: The effect of withdrawal of Mercury by the middle of the month may imply any problems you are going through change processes especially a problem with one of the children, but from the middle of the month you will feel that you are getting on track.

November: excellent month for lovers and all those seeking contact and romance. There may be happiness with the children during the month.

December: A month with the potential expansion of family. New singles romantic opportunities existing relationships relations step. At the same time Paragon Enjoy your work and will improve your rank.



CancerJanuary: successful month for travel, study and new beginnings. Expect to receive offers for significant partnerships.

February: Mercury retrograde will affect economic issues and there may be delays in receiving funds or bureaucratic problems that could affect the financial liquidity.

March: Those of you who work with foreign money making opportunities will benefit in business or work abroad. Radical changes at work began leaving that job to change the frame, the sale of a company or of the role of new beginnings.

April: expected new beginnings of a job or role to the -10.4 you in the very active and try to do some things together. There is a yearning for greater independence and be without any dependence. Keep your health at that time.

May: opportunities for meaningful relationships and existing relationships step up connection. Significant financial improvement.

June: withdrawal of Mercury in the pre-birthday weaken you physically. Improve your nutrition, rest and balance.

July: improvement in the state of your finances. Starting a transition place at work or improvement of status. By the end of the month may change the physical location of a home or work.

August: Venus withdrawal Leo may affect the subject’s finances and financial liquidity. There may be delays in the receipt of funds. But also recommended to avoid investments and large financial expenses. Particularly intense period.

September: New Beginnings oriented studies or new job starts very fit. High level of expenses but increases in your income.

October: Mercury’s withdrawal will affect scales at fault, breakdown or breaking devices important object. Be careful and avoid costly purchases during withdrawal. Family tension and disagreement on the subject of living and the changes you wanted to do.

November: a time of family challenges, particularly with implications for family relationships.

December: Excellent dating singles exciting month and a chance to build a more meaningful connection. Getting coexistence or joint purchase of a property. Expanding existing relationships or family may be related to the child happy.



LeoJanuary: Mercury retrograde in your relationship may increase tensions in contact with it and Venus in the presence relaxing relationship that you do not stay alone anyway.

February: Mercury withdrawal will continue and will change or unstable relationships. You will be troubled by financial issues of debt but after the 19th there will be a marked improvement in finances.

March: successful month for travel, study and promotion of new areas. Free will enjoy new and surprising connections. Mid-month and failures in the financial field, including possible bureaucratic comes to the rights we have to fight them.

April: a chance for a better career or a role elsewhere. By the end of the month. You may be traveling abroad for work.

May: great changes in work.

June: Mercury’s withdrawal will affect your social system changes. You know new people and old relationships may leave the picture of life due to significant changes in your life. Good time for new beginnings of any kind.

July: Leo Venus and tee with all who love and dating singles new opportunities. Will not be easy when it comes to relationships and for some soul-searching and re-examine your feelings. Energy will be your best and fight successfully towards a better future.

September: Venus goes into withdrawal, benefit the opportunities available and free from loneliness and find appropriate partners. Mars Leo generates energy important life changes. You will not want to return to sleep. Renewal period.

October: financial issues this month. Need to improve your situation with many difficulties. Significant improvement is expected by the end of October and promises a better year financially, but you’ll have to cross a few bumps.

November: Subject residence will be the center of attention of this month. You built a significant change in the shape of your life. The ground may already trained. Your media will be at its best and enjoy the successes in the negotiations.

December: a time with family life and home design and residential housing starts novels. And existing relationships, there may be the beginning of a joint life and / or family expansion potential. Be careful on the roads and avoid unnecessary arguments.



VirgoJanuary: Mercury retrograde always affect your luck this time withdrawal will affect the bucket and the work you do: breakdowns, interruptions, lack of manpower and so it would be until mid-February. On the other hand you will not lack interest and challenge.

February: Month of difficulties and pressures at work by mid-February. Venus enters Pisces to the marriage, single men among you are expected to romantic beginnings and existing connections will be a step up.

March: relationships will be the crux of the month. Singles, develop new relationships and on the existing building joint programs. You are expected to benefit from the proposed partnership until the 7th. You should seriously consider collaborations and partnerships.

April: a potential work or travel for a longer period or the beginning of project work. Among the upcoming days, successful and profit from the investment.

May: begins with relatively high financial costs or reducing financial sense. Mercury withdrawal career has been in the middle of the month may result in rejection of plans, projects and work by mid-June

June: significant improvement work will begin the last ten days of the month. Meanwhile cultures meet and deal with many suggestions and trend changes at work to a new beginning. Even if there are difficulties end of the month will bring solutions.

July: Many events have been scheduled and there may be changes in your social fabric. Connections you make upgrading your position right now. Financial gains are expected this month.

August: Venus withdrawal may affect your health. You’re tired exhausted and need rest, vacation or disconnecting from everything. Jupiter enters Virgo you expect a positive development at work and at first all areas.

September: a month of positive financial aspects, although there may be delays because of the withdrawal of mercury in the money. But you’re about to get on the road.

October: Mercury retrograde ends by mid-month with all the delays and all lesions and evils. Venus’s past and in March Virgo stimulate you into a period of change and social and romantic success.

November: a very successful month. Progress and financial growth despite a significant increase in spending will be a decent income. Communications will be at its best and appropriate month contracts and signatures on successful sales.

December: Month suitable for home purchase or renovation beyond. Bearing a residence and family occupy much. An increase in income and the opportunity to create a financial improvement through investment or sales. Expansion and happy family with children.



LibraJanuary: A successful month in the area of love and relationships. Children’s Affairs and expanding family. Mercury’s withdrawal from the middle of the month will affect the issue of children. Beyond Mars to work points to the significant changes on the subject, changes in the texture of people and projects.

February: Mercury retrograde will last until mid-February, and changes in work will prove to be challenging. Successful singles dating opportunities. Solutions and related stabilization children, family, etc. expansion.

March: Meeting Mars and Venus and Uranus talking about the kind of “big bang” partnerships in close relationships and belonging. Month problematic. There is a clear shift with implications for the future. End of the month indicates the sense of loss and missed opportunities.

April: new beginnings until the middle of the month. Employ financial topics ranging from the sale of a home or need to transition to a different place to practice financial rights

May: Mercury in Gemini withdrawal from the middle of the month indicates problems in areas of bureaucracy, law and relations.

June: Month with a sense of confusion and clarity about the future. At the end of this month you will enjoy success and a luxurious feeling.

July: the end of chapter one at work and a new beginning, endings and beginnings partnerships in other areas.

August: the withdrawal of Venus [Full luck] Virgo will influence throughout the month on a general economic slowdown and possibly the concerns and difficulties from changes.

September: New Beginnings at work but the withdrawal of Mercury scales suspends the process until mid-October. Deal with a lot of social life and the promotion of status.

October: new beginnings at work, role and action. A lot going on behind the scenes and you are careful not to reveal your plans. End of the month marks a trend of financial and economic improvement.

November: passage of Venus Libra benefit intimate and social relationships. Month vibrant with potential changes socially. Problematic relationships can be completed.

December: connections will be at their best. Travel a lot, meet and create negotiate with people. Expected income and economic growth opportunities. You want to change your life including change of location.



ScorpioJanuary: Your main issues will be about your residence and work location. Basic issues of life require change and new beginnings. Mercury’s withdrawal from the middle of the month indicates potential failures.

February: Month successful in love, relationships and happy family expansion with children. Mercury retrograde until mid-February to begin offering new beginnings as a transition house or big changes at work only after withdrawal.

March: big changes at work resulting from framework changes. Intense month of changes. You will need to deal with the opposition but the result may be better to April.

April: a month of good news, partnerships and successful collaborations.

May: personal relationships will be prominent and there may be changes. Mercury retrograde in Gemini, will affect the concerns in statements and need a lot of discretion in how to move forward on the issue. May travel abroad.

June: Partnerships may be completed and this month indicate the potential separation and division of property. Partner relationships do not survive this period may engage in economic issues and the need to reach solutions through mediation.

July: Venus to the entry points to the time career achievement and flattering career. Aspects of Job and possible promotion to a more senior position. Self-Employed period of liberation partnerships and mutual funds Practice.

August: a period of career changes and constraints. This month is not easy and you’ll have to handle on your wishes open war. Changes are required and will take them two months to build this may be related to the sale of the business with good financial opportunities.

September: a dramatic month of beginnings and endings. Practice building the base for future relationships and / or a new field. It is recommended to maintain secrecy about your plans.

October: successful financial aspects during this month. If you are engaged in projects that period represent or market them. Month of representation your position, but also professional social status will be important.

November: Financial measures will be important regarding property or asset purchases. You benefit from building your independence.

December: Venus in Scorpio and you are at your best. You look good and enjoy romantic successes, social and an increase your popularity. Your communication at its best.



SagitariusJanuary: you are very busy traveling, studying and new initiatives.

February: Work on the family. Preoccupation with child-related family communication.

March: changing trends at work come with quite a bit of frustration by the middle of this month. On the subject of love will success is expected.

April: significant changes at work with both the people and the framework of ideas and practice.

May: excellent month for travel abroad, success in examinations. Mercury’s withdrawal from the middle of the month will affect unstable relationships. Partnerships can be completed. Work will be disruptions fault and you should not take risks of any kind this month.

June: good month for traveling to meetings, especially after mid-month. For singles it will be a time for dating and falling in love. Existing relationships may see progress.

July: Work will bring great pressure. Financial issues demand extra attention.

August: the withdrawal of Venus begins at home and moves to career-related travel and new horizons. Expect delays and both bureaucratic and legal problems.

September: from mid-September period of renewal when it comes to a good relationship, falling in love and partnerships. Relations with the world are accelerate.

October: Mercury scales withdrawal will affect your social life. You are expected to overwork and there will be important opportunities to stabilize the workplace.

November: stabilization at work continues. Chances for increased salaries. Excellent month for singles and exciting romantic relationships.

December: Increase your popularity. You initiate change for the better at work and perhaps decide to travel spontaneously as a birthday present. May purchase an investment by the end of the month.



CapricornJanuary: significant for issues of money and income. Travel to meet with people and enjoy interactions and studies.

February: Mercury disruptions will continue until mid-month. Towards the end of the month you will enjoy financial successes and opportunities to expand and improve your financial situation. Romances develop spontaneously.

March: Center on the home, family affairs and relations. Unstable relationships may result. Changes of residence or renovating a home can keep you busy this month. Plans and thoughts about expanding the family

April: month centered on engaging children, young family, family expansion and creative issues. Those of you engaged in art and creativity will enjoy positive criticism. Singles can expect love and courtship.

May: passage of Venus will be to the advantage of the marital relationship however troubled ties may result. Enjoy free dating and courtship, serious relationships will be improved.

June: Mercury’s withdrawal will affect work, specifically failures, disruptions and frequent changes. It is not recommended at the middle of this month to start a project or a new job. The end of the month will compensate you for that.

July: Advantages relating to purchases, receiving favorable mortgage terms, financial compensation or reimbursement of any significant money. You should be investing your money wisely.

August: good month for travel. You get a job offer may call abroad for study or as part and exchange of information. You start year of overseas affairs.

September: an important month for your career. New topics arise on the agenda or maybe the end of one project and the beginning of another. You will work vigorously. Your responsibility will be great.

October: concentration of your stars connect this month to work overseas or school. Both are possible. It is possible that you will receive guests from afar. Good idea to study for a diploma.

November: an intensive month for work. Expect changes for the better. Begin to enjoy the journey which you started and a new project. Develop working relationships and expand and enjoy traveling and interesting interactions.

December: Mercury in Capricorn entry heralds new beginnings for traveling, new projects and studies. Advantageous month for your work despite many changes.



AquariusJanuary: enjoy the charm and the ability to affect the environment. On the fifth the entry of Mercury will help establish new beginnings at work and maybe with traveling too.

February: Mercury withdrawal under Aquarius and that means new starts may be delayed and perhaps you’ll have to wait for the end of the withdrawal to create a good start. Your financial situation will improve starting on the 6th.

March: your communication will be at their best. Intense period, you will meet and you will create endless interactions. Period of enjoyment in what you do. Romance and love will develop.

April: centers on home and family. You may move or conduct in home renovations.

May: a month of love with creativity. You will deal with issues of children and young family. Mercury withdrawal indicates issues with children. Practice intensive search of solutions and response.

June: withdrawal of Mercury continues until the middle of the month and issues related to relationships and partnerships take up your time. Love in the air-as a bonus in the relationship. Great creative energy will be invested on your work and enjoy the successes and achievements from the middle of the month.

July: Work on your love life and marriage will be central. Health issues like diet and care of your body will see a significant turning point this month.

August: the withdrawal of Venus in marriage can affect relationships and feelings. What is certain, stable relationships will survive even this foul wave.

September: Awakening of emotions and romance. Venus and Mars in relationship. If it’s the beginning of a relationship you will make far-reaching decisions. Will travel together abroad.

October: Study and bureaucratic issues may be delayed because of the withdrawal of Mercury. Your financial situation improves.

November: important for your career. Enjoy Paragon on your work. Expect a successful connection between your self-realization and your emotional needs at work.

December: Those of you who are students will need to spend the most this month. Those of you who work wll see increased travel abroad. Enjoy praise and success until the 17th.



PiscesJanuary: the concentration of stars under Aquarius extends the period of time before the birthday. The entry of Mars into Pisces on the 13th intensifies the need to make changes in your life.

February: Mercury retrograde under Aquarius may cause a sense of weakness and health problems. Entry of Venus Pisces at the end of February will benefit falling in love, relationships, romance and social pleasures.

March: Beyond Mercury Pisces in mid-March will improve luck for the beginnings of work, travel and study but also mentally renewable energy. Aspects of Mars and Venus will be dramatic when it comes to money and your spending level rises because of large investment or project but is expected to increase revenues.

April: your communications will be an intense this month, there may be studies, travel and many meetings. The burden of financial matters are expected to increase or financial gains from other sources exist and you benefit from the connection to the material.

May: you will be focused on residential and family relations. Expected to change as remodeling, home or traveling across a relatively long period. In fact routine home life will change. Mercury retrograde in Gemini represents at fault and you should not start things at the time of withdrawal.

June: a confused and emotionally uneasy month. You may have to make a big decision regarding your future and relationships. Towards the end of the month will be a significant improvement in financial, property and possible financial success. Your position at work will be on the rise.

July: successful month especially for singles and building of love in existing relationships and expanding the family. Artists among you, enjoy creative period and a chance to get support frameworks. However, the withdrawal of Venus may overwhelm your soul relationships.

August: the withdrawal of Venus in Virgo will continue to affect your relationships and you will withdraw to work and affect daily work. You’ll have to address matters of health and a healthier routine existence.

September: financial matters will be a success. Enjoy the increase in profits and improving financial situation. May engage in more concentrated on the subject that you want to buy or invest to stabilize relationships and longer-term partnerships.

October: the subject of marriage and partnerships will be central to the month. Expect changes for the better and create opportunities for a broader common ground. Those of you who are independent will go a step up financially. May travel abroad with spouses and / or partners.

November: a month engaging in school, travel and new horizons. Work will challenge you especially towards the end of this month when you will begin new projects. You’ll have to fight for what you desire as nothing will come easy.

December: overseas connections will catch momentum and will help you at work and developing your ideas. Your communication skills will be at their best.



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