Ticktp Reaches Licensing Agreement with Weizmann Institute Yeda R&D Company


Weizmann Institute Yeda

Israel’s Tikcro Technologies Ltd., which supports early stage development projects in growth areas, with a focus on biotechnology, announced that it has entered into a research and license agreement with Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd., the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. This agreement is for the development of new antibodies originating from specified research at the Weizmann Institute of Science addressing identified targets of cancer immune checkpoints.

Under the agreement, Tikcro will provide funding for further research at the Weizmann Institute of Science to develop certain antibodies selected and verified in pre-clinical trials. The antibodies may have high selectivity and binding qualities towards cancer immune checkpoints. Further research and development will be required to promote such antibodies as therapeutic candidates for immune modulation in oncology.

Tikcro, alone or through sub-licensees, will have the right to obtain the research results and to pursue development through commercialization. The license consideration due from Tikcro to Yeda includes royalties from net sales, sub-license fees and fixed fees linked to clinical and commercial sales milestones.

Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. initiates and promotes the transfer to the global marketplace of research findings and innovative technologies developed by Weizmann Institute of Science scientists. Yeda holds an exclusive agreement with the Weizmann Institute to market and commercialize its intellectual property and generate income to support further research and education.


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