Published On: Sun, Dec 28th, 2014

Bar Ilan Archeologists Discover Ancient Golan Heights Synagogue

Golan Heights Synagogue

Israeli archaeologists from Bar Ilan University uncovered a Roman era synagogue in that country this past week. The find was made in the town of Magdala in the Golan Heights.

Sometimes it seems like there will be no end to what is still underground waiting to be discovered in Israel. Just this month coins were found that prove the existence of David and Solomon’s kingdoms. A 2, 800 year old farmhouse and a 1, 600 year old bracelet were also discovered.

The Golan Heights has had a great deal of archeological finds in it over the years which have proved that it was once a major center of Jewish living in the ancient world.

The team of archeologists was led by Michael Osband of the Institute of Archaeology at Bar-Ilan University. While the team found no direct evidence that the ancient structure was used as a synagogue, Dr. Osband maintains that the facts speak for themselves here since the structure was too big to have been for any other purpose.

“So far, we have not found another use that could have been made of the structure besides a synagogue, ” said Osband. “The structure joins a very limited list of rural synagogues dated to the Roman period that have been uncovered so far.”

“This is a monumental public building in a village located in a Jewish area – we don’t know of any other purpose for such a building except a synagogue” says Osband. “The importance of the structure is in direct relationship to its grandeur, ” he added.

Archeologists also found decorative embossed columns there suggestive of a synagogue. Before they began digging, people first discovered ancient coins on the site which suggested to the team that there was more to be found there.

This discovery could turn out to be only the tip of the iceberg as it were since excavations in Magdala continue.

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