Despite Longer Christmas Shopping Season, Retailers Cash In on Last Minute Shoppers


shopping mall

People are taking to shopping at the last minute when they go to brick and mortar retailers for Christmas gifts. The trend is that just a few days before Christmas, or on Yuletide eve itself, stores are packed with procrastinators who want to get it done quick, tend to impulse buy, spend more than expected, to get it over with fast. In addition, retailers get an added boost from the popularity of the gift cards they issue as sales continue to be strong following the holiday.

Best Buy saw its busiest Christmas Even in years. According to one shopper, as reported by WEAU, “I’m going  to start in about five minutes and be done in an hour.” One reason for the procrastination is travel; people don’t want to transport bulky wrapped packages, so do it at the last minute.

Best Buy expects continued heavy traffic the day after Christmas and for the weekend and Wal-Mart should benefit too. Retailers are slashing prices and customers can get more bang from their gift cards.

So if the trend is that people are doing last minute shoppers, retailers, pray tell answer this: Why does the Christmas retail season begin earlier and earlier every year? Why are you opening your doors  the last Thursday night in November and violating the sanctity of Thanksgiving if people are shopping online or doing it at the last minute anyway?


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