Published On: Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014

Lady Gaga Has A Holiday L’Chaim With Sergey Brin



Lady Gaga posted on Instagram how she had a wonderful time saying a holiday l’chaim (not the word she used in instagram, but perhaps she learned the correct “ch” sound when she performed in Israel over the summer) with co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin. We all knew he was smart, but we had no idea that he was cool enough to be friends with Lady Gaga AND to have her compliment his intelligence.

Lady Gaga wrote:

Me and friend Sergey Brin in Cindy Sherman’s workshop. Such a brilliant mind. Having Holiday whisky.

This isn’t the only member of the tribe Gaga has lavished praise upon lately. She called her recording partner for the album “Cheek to Cheek, ” (which cheeks?) Tony Bennett a guide and a support for her. “Everyone should be like Tony Bennett, ” Gaga said. While she began her Instagram post talking about an innocent drink and Brin’s intelligence, most of the responses were instead about a leaked sex tape, people asking her to have their babies, more lewd comments, one or two expressions of indifference.

Well, at least Lady Gaga has Tony and Sergey to count on.

Sergey has been no stranger to tough times himself, but his were different in nature, and didn’t include really gross-minded fans (until now, perhaps). He grew up in a Jewish family in Soviet Russia. His father was discriminated against because of his Jewish roots so severely that the Brin family left for America.

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