Published On: Thu, Dec 18th, 2014

It’s Not Hamas But It’s Something: Jewish Celebrities Condemn Sony Surrender to Terrorism on ‘The Interview’

Amy Schumer

Now that Sony has officially pulled “The Interview” from release due to threats of violence made against theaters if they screened the film, many celebrities have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations at what has happened. Unfortunately, as of yet, the movie’s stars Seth Rogen and James Franco have not spoken out.

Here is a sample of some of the Tweets released by Jewish celebrities in Response to Sony’s Decision:

Amy Schumer: “No bullshit though, this is seriously fucked and it’s such a sad day for free speech. Frightening.”

Yes movies were cancelled over the years because of their content. But that always had something to do with being too graphically violent or sexual. Never before has a major movie studio cowed to foreign pressure and threats of violence in the way that Sony has.

But the movie industry has been going in this direction for years, not wanting to offend large countries where they could sell a lot of tickets and DVDs. Last year’s Brad Pitt zombie movie, World War Z, was to end in a climactic scene in Moscow. But its studio felt that this would offend the Russian government and so it rewrote and re-filmed its entire ending.

Also, the pointless remake of Red Dawn was supposed to be about a Chinese invasion of the U.S. Sure enough it was delayed for years after China complained and the studio eventually changed the bad guys to the North Koreans.

Jud Apatow: “This only guarantees that this movie will be seen by more people on Earth than it would have before. Legally or illegally all will see it.”

With all due respect to Mr. Apatow, this does not seem likely. Amazon and Netflix may also fear selling or streaming the movie and cable channels may also choose not to show it. So where will people ever get to see the movie?

In response to hearing that some theater chains would not show it he tweeted the other day, “I think it is disgraceful that these theaters are not showing The Interview. Will they pull any movie that gets an anonymous threat now?”

Zach Braff: “Canceling “The Interview” seems like a pretty horrible precedent to set.”

Yes it is Mr. Braff. What next? Will movies be pulled after certain groups threaten violence because they do not approve of its political content?

Bryan Greenberg: “Do the terrorists win in the end of #TheInterviewMovie? I guess so.”

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