Published On: Thu, Dec 11th, 2014

Maurice Levy on How to Infect People’s Brains in Fast, Blurry World

Maurice Levy

Maurice Levy of the French marketing firm Publicis gave a talk at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to talk about the realities of marketing in a blurred, fast world, as reported by Forbes.

Like a French philosopher, Levy commented on the apparent hopelessness of the times. “Everything is blurring, ” he said. The gap between working and non working hours. The role of companies is blurred in the sense that we don’t know what the hell they are really doing anymore. “Think of a company like Amazon. What kind of company is it? A DVD seller? A bookseller and retailer?”

And combine that blurredness with speed. Speed on top of the blurriness. It’s like trying to be a day trader with a hangover, “If you think about something today, you’d better do it bloody quick …If you are not making the right decisions today, you could by close to death by tomorrow.”

Even with this impossible combination, marketers have to focus in and figure out how to deal with the individual. “We have the responsibility of affecting everyone.” The answer is to align with an avatar, and through the avatar, to affect all kinds of people. “If we manage to engage with them emotionally, we can infect their brain.”  In addition to infecting people’s brains, you have to make sure you align them so you can infect a whole lot of them at once. “It is crucial to align people. Stay curious Observe.”

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