New HBO Documentary To Air on the Life of Robert Durst


Robert Durst

HBO is planning a six part documentary about nutty real estate mogul Robert Durst. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst from filmmakers Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling, who made the 2010 film “All Good Things, ” is expected to air sometime in February.

The 71 year old has quite a story to tell. He was suspected of murdering his first wife and of the mob like hit on a friend in Los Angeles. Durst was named as a suspect when his first wife Kathleen McCormack was found dead in 1982, but was never charged. A close friend of the deceased, Sara Berman, was found shot dead in her home, and Durst wasn’t charged for that crime either, but dressed up as a woman and ran off to Texas, and confessed to killing a neighbor Morris Black, and chopping up his body and was never charged for that either.

These events were once famously portrayed on an episode of Law and Order.

As Jarecki told the New York Times, “Certainly the things he’s been accused of are tabloid-worthy. But what’s clear about Bob, if you spend five minutes with him, is that he’s a deeply complicated person who cannot be summarized in a simple way.”

He added that Durst decided to open up about his first wife for the first time in 32 years saying, “I think he felt understandably frustrated by the fact that he has not been able to speak for himself.”

The film has been funded by Durst and so the organization that bears his name is not happy with it; even though, no one there could have seen it yet. Jordan Barowitz, a spokesman for the Durst Organization, called it “a self-indulgent work of fiction. Given that Robert is likely underwriting the film, it should rival the great works of propaganda.”

The Durst family owns over 15 skyscrapers, including the Bank of America building and has invested in the One World Trade Center. Most recently he pissed into a cash register when he went to pick up a prescription. Policewoman Jodi Silva said he “wasn’t arguing with anyone or didn’t seem agitated. He just peed on the candy. Skittles, I think.”

Durst currently lives in Texas and owns a townhouse in Harlem. In 2006, he got $65 million by settling a lawsuit against Douglas Durst over his share of the family fortune.


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