Feastly Home Cooked Meals Company Raises $1.2 Million



Washington D.C. based brainchild of Israelis Feastly, which offers diners home cooked meals, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding from the Westly Group.

Feastly calls itself a growing movement of eaters and cooks who want more from dining. Feasters seek authentic food, served around big tables with good people. They are adventurous, but remember their humble food beginnings. A Feaster may be just as excited about an inviting bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich as she is for a goat roast.

It boasts that its cooks are a talented, hospitable group of food lovers with incredible abilities to turn their homes into warm, inviting spaces filled with the wonderful flavors and aromas of their favorite dishes.

The company’s founder, Tel Aviv University graduate Noah Karesh, said that he got the idea for it while traveling the world and tasting unique delicacies. So Karesh said that he wanted to market the home cooked meal.

Karesh said that his vision was to create a marketplace where, ” passionate cooks could connect with adventurous eaters seeking more authentic and social dining options by offering home cooked meals in a cook’s home.” In lowering the barriers to entry for cooks to share their skills and stories with the world, he wanted to let cooks monetize their passions and provide exciting new food opportunities for eaters.

Feastly was developed with a team of entrepreneurs, eaters, cooks, travelers, and storytellers during Washington, D.C.’s Startup Weekend in November 2011. Two months later, Feastly hosted its first meal.

As Karesh tolf TechCrunch, “I have this vision of a person with 5, 000 friends on Facebook eating alone. When you go to a restaurant, you don’t know anything about the food. When you have … context around something, that gives what you’re doing more meaning.”


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