Published On: Thu, Nov 27th, 2014

Roseanne Barr Quickly Backtracks Cosby Remarks

Roseanne Barr Instagram

No stranger to controversy, Roseanne Barr has once again found a group of people to offend. This time it is victims of rape who were appalled at the previously famous comedian’s attempt to make light of the recent rape accusations leveled at Bill Cosby.

After getting a chemical peel the 62 year old’s face looked like it had been pummeled by someone. So Barr decided that it would be funny to Tweet a pic of her face with the caption, “@therealRoseanne tussle w Bill Cosby U shoyld see that mfer.”

The former television star then quickly changed her tweet to read, “”Got a chemical peel to look more sexier. Joked about tussling cosby.”

This was in part due to criticisms from people like Liz Roberts of Safe Horizon who said, “As an organization that serves survivors of rape, making light of this issue undermines the seriousness of rape and trivializes the trauma experienced by victims of violence.”

And attorney Susan Karten who advocates for the victims of domestic violence said, “It’s not something you make fun of. Nobody should make fun of domestic violence or a woman being abused. It plays into the notion these are not crimes to take seriously.”

Roseanne had previously told the New York Daily News, “I don’t wanna get sued or have [Cosby] send anyone to beat me up, but I think it’s obvious: 13 to 1.”

But she did previously Tweet about the Cosby rape allegations, “maybe Woody Allen or Roman Polanski could b persuaded2 write a part4 Bill Cosby in 1 of their new movies?” And, “it might be time for #billCosby to condemn the state of Israel so he can get back into the good graces of Hollywood!.”

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