Published On: Mon, Nov 24th, 2014

7-Year-Old Girl ‘Circumcises’ 2-Year-Old Boy with Serious Consequences

boy circumsisedA 7-year-old girl in Lumakanda, Kenya, “circumcised” a 2-year-old boy using a dried piece of maize stalk, the Kenya based Standard Digital reported. The girl injured the boy while administering the mock circumcision ritual.

The boy’s mother told the website she had left her son under the neighbor’s girl’s care who often takes care of him boy when she is away at work.

“I am a waitress at Wheels cafe’ in Lumakanda. I do not have house help and it is hard going to work with the child. Most of the times my neighbor takes care of him, ” Zindoli said.

This time, while at work, she received a call “requesting me to go home as soon as possible as my son had been seriously injured and was bleeding.

“I rushed home and found my son lying on the bed and bleeding. His private parts had been damaged. I had to rush him to hospital without inquiring what had happened as his life was at risk, ” she said.

Eventually it turned out that during a game of show-me-yours, the young girl picked a dried piece of maize stalk, joked about circumcising the little boy and actually pushed the joke too far by carrying out the ritual.

“Doctors at Lumakanda sub County hospital revealed that the boy had several cuts as the girl tried to chop off his genital organ by cutting it several times which led to major bleeding, ” the mother reported.

According to the website, the boy is now in good condition and there are no complications.

The boy’s mother said she does not harbor blame against her neighbor’s child. “Children are closed in for more than two months for the December holiday, ” she explained, suggesting thewy should be monitored better.

Couldn’t agree more.

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