Published On: Sun, Nov 23rd, 2014

Watch Seth Rogen on Bill Maher Talking Pot and Bill Cosby Roofies

Seth Rogan on Bill Maher

Seth Rogen stopped by Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time on Friday Night to promote his upcoming movie The Interview.

Due out on Christmas Day, The Interview co-stars James Franco and Lizzy Caplan. In it Franco and Rogen get to interview the North Korean dictator and are asked by the CIA to help assassinate him.

Rogen mentioned that he was surprised at what a high percentage of people polled said they actually knew who Kim Jung Un really is. This surprised Maher who has earlier gone on a rant calling most Americans stupid and ignorant.

Maher began by saying that Rogen was a high school drop out to which Rogen commented, “I am both American and Canadian and I am stupid.”

Rogen called North Korea, “So fucking weird!” Maher compared the regime in that country to a religion onto itself.

“One thing we have in common is we were both named Stoner of the Year by High Times magazine, ” Maher told Rogen. “I think we would argue that marijuana, which has a reputation for making people lethargic, makes some people better. Wouldn’t you say that you owe your career to the thoughts you’ve had from marijuana?”

Rogen said, “Maybe. I’ve had a lot of them while I was high on marijuana. I can’t definitively say I wouldn’t have had them if I wasn’t, but I had a lot more fun having them when I was. It makes me much more OK with working, honestly. I think like when you smoke weed it makes working much more enjoyable. And therefore I work a lot more than I would if I was waiting to go home and smoke weed after I worked.”

Maher asked, “Do you smoke in the day?”
Rogen said, “Yeah!”
“It’s a work fuel – I think it fuels the fire, in some ways. It makes it that I don’t care that I’m working. Who wants to work?! People who are stoned.’

Maher responded, “Well, you’re lucky that you’re in a job that allows you to be stoned.”

And Rogen said, “If you drive a truck or are a nurse or something I don’t recommend it either. But every other job on earth I think it’s good.”

The two also agreed that they believe the acusations of the women who say that Bill Cosby raped them especially since they have no financial interest in coming forward today.

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