Sainsbury’s Argos, Samsung Encourage Customers to Recycle Electronics



Sainsbury’s, Argos, Samsung and other companies are joining forces to make electrical appliance and devices more profitable and renewable, according to the Daily Mail. Customers will be able to bring in their old laptops, washing machines, television sets and other items to get discounts for new electrical products. The aim is to stimulate recycling and renewable technologies and to win customers, who no doubt would be happy to get a large discount for an appliance that was sitting around the house for years.

Liz Goodwin, chief executive of the Wrap, a sustainability campaign group, said, “This has the potential to revolutionize how we design, manufacture, sell, re-use and recycle electrical products. By making better use of resources, businesses can better safeguard their future through creating opportunities for economic and environmental benefits, whilst saving customers money.”


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