Published On: Tue, Nov 18th, 2014

OSIGUARD Bio-Authentication Protects Smart Phones from Theft


Israel’s OS New Horizon, a developer of biometric-biology authentication and management technology to protect and secure personal and portable data on Smartphones, has launched OSIGUARD, the first combined anti-theft & biometric app that protects smartphones from being stolen.

The company says that OSIGUARD, which is currently available for download on the Google Play store, ensures that all of your data will remain secure at all times.

We use our smart phones for everything today so losing one is a real annoyance. All of our contacts as well as a great deal of personal information are stored on them as well as business information that might need to be kept secret.

Now imagine if the phone gets stolen and not just lost and thrown away. Someone else can get access to some of your most personal items and make all the phone calls that he wants at your expense.

This is where the new OSIGUARD comes in. OS New Horizon boasts that it is the first Android app to be released, independent of any hardware, which protects your smartphone and your personal data privacy.

The app provides a step by step guide to create a unique 3D in-air signature, remembering and saving the personal air-movement enrollment pattern, keeping users completely secure.

The company boasts that it is the first biometric-based app that protects your Smartphone with all of your most valuable personal digital assets and your privacy. If anyone attempts to steal your phone, a loud alarm will sound – and only your in-air-movement can shut it down.

“We are really excited to launch OSigard, the first ever anti-theft biometric app that serves as a complete safeguard against theft, blocks any attempt at physical probing into users’ data on their smartphones, and secures complete privacy on mobile devices, ” said Gila Fish, Founder & CEO, OS New Horizon. “Our company’s vision from day one has been based on developing a completely Personalized Central Authentication System (PCAS). We have developed state of the art biometric technology – in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Madrid – to provide users an all-encompassing protection of their smartphone by authenticating smartphone owners in a smart and unique way, making it virtually impossible to forget or steal the biometric password.“

OS New Horizon is part of a $4.5 million EU funded FP7 project. It is headquartered in Neve Ilan near Jerusalem, Israel and was founded in 2010.

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