Manhattan Man Blows Sweet Rent Control Deal with Dumb Lawsuit


E. 86th St. building

A man on the Upper East Side of Manhattan just blew a sweet $100 rent control deal by filing a lawsuit, according to the Daily News. Chad Ian Lieberman lived with his grandfather since 2009 in an East 86th Street apartment. The rent was at a ridiculously low $100, because of a deal Chad’s grandfather signed years ago consenting to the construction of a neighboring building, even though it would cut off some of the light and air.

When Chad’s grandfather died, he filed a lawsuit claiming that the neighboring building was intrusive and that the agreement his grandfather had signed was illegal. Eight rooms for $100 was not enough to comfort for Chad, obviously.

The result: not only did the judge throw the case out, but his filing a lawsuit reminded the landlord that the rent control agreement applied only to his grandfather and not to him. Now poor Chad has to pay “normal” Manhattan rent, which of course, is int he thousands for such a space.


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