Facebook/WhatsApp Cyber Attack Feared in Israel



Civil servants and other government employees in Israel have been warned to be wary of any suspicious attachments that they might receive through WhatsApp or on Facebook. This is because the Israeli government fears an attempted cyber attack by a pro-Arab group called “Anonymous” to be launched through social networks.

Israelis were also told to be suspicious of new friend requests from people who they do not know and of all posts that they might receive on Twitter.

Israel’s Yediot Ahronot daily newspaper acquired a copy of the memo which said, “You should be cautious of any suspicious activity on office computers, personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. Don’t open unusual e-mails containing attachments, which may contain viruses or malware. Don’t be tempted to open suspicious links.”

“Beware of suspicious friend requests on social networks. Avoid opening attachments on Whatsapp, text messages, and MMS messages. If there’s any concern, immediately report it to a security manager according to protocol.”

The warning came after Anonymous posted the following threat on line: “We call on the Anonymous collective and elite hacking groups to join us in a crusade and open another cyber-war against Israel.”

Meanwhile Israel has taken to WhatsApp to promote tourism in Jerusalem after recent disturbances in the nation’s capital. “The road to the Mount of Olives is open, you can pass, ” read the message sent out to a WhatsApp group set up by tour guides working in Jerusalem which tells them what areas are safe to take their groups.


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