Kerry & Abbas, Then Kerry, Netanyahu & Abdullah, Discusses Jerusalem Tensions


King Abdullah II,   Benjamin Netanyahu and John Kerry Meet in Jordan

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held separate meetings with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and with  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and King Abdullah II on Thursday in Jordan.

The leaders discussed how to reduce the tensions surrounding the Temple Mount holy site in Jerusalem. The tensions stem from the fact that a few Jews wish to visit the Temple Mount and, possibly, pray there, while Arabs see in this a threat to everything they hold dear and see in sharing it the start of the Jewish takeover of the place.

Kerry referred to the site first by its Arab and then by its Jewish name.

In a statement following his meetings, Kerry said Netanyahu “strongly reaffirmed his commitment to uphold the status quo” of barring Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

No Jews allowed has been the status quo since the second century, give or take, when the Roman Empire changed the name of the country from Judea to Palestina. While at it, the Roman also sprinkled salt all over the land of Jerusalem, not to help with the occasional snow, but to prevent anything from growing there.


Abbas, according to Kerry, stated his commitment to “non-violence and restoring calm” in Jerusalem and the West Bank, where Palestinian terrorism has been on the upswing.

Many in Israel, including Netanyahu, have blamed the volatile situation on Abbas, mostly because of his speeches which clearly and openly incite to violence against Jews. It’s quite possible, then, that if he stops doing that it would help reduce tensions.

“There is an urgent need to address these greatest tensions, and an imperative need to uphold the status quo at the Haram esh-Sharif – Temple Mount, ” Kerry said.

An Israeli official told the Times of Israel that Netanyahu spoke to Kerry about the need for Abbas to end violence-provoking incitement by PA officials. Just hours before the Jordan meetings began, Arab rioters threw stones and other objects at Israeli police in eastern Jerusalem.

JNS contributed to this report.


  1. Realistically, the photo tells it all historically.
    It is a repeat of WWII prelude.
    Irish (kerry) and Abdullah(chamberlain) meeting outside the
    country to discuss the fate of Jerusalem, capital of the Jewish State of Israel
    while Bibi (Czechkoslokia) sits idly by to accept the two dictators moronic dictates
    at a meeting held in absentia from Jerusalem in Ammansince they morally could not face their
    tyranny plot in the HOLY CITY.
    Further analysis proves kerry inept since he could not stop
    Iran, Iraq, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, drug lords in Mexico and Colombia, Russia
    in Ukraine, China in the Pacific so he and obama screwed the world stage. Surprising,
    obama and he did not fly to Africa on a good will mission to the Ebola
    countries in Africa where Obama comes from showing his lack of blackness preferring
    to play golf and enjoy the good life with the rich in Hawaii and the kennedy
    rich clan hangout in nanfucket.
    They should be meeting to discuss Jordan demise since Abdullah
    is the last HASMINITE pure royal ruler of Jordan whose population is 92%
    philistines so the arabs in Israel are actually also Jordanian subjects and she
    relocate back to Jordan.
    Abdullah’s wife is a Palestinian and are his bastard
    children so Jordan will disappear and rename itself Palestine which is the name
    the brits gave these people in mockery of the arabs comparing them to the philistines’
    of ancient times and no baring to their bloodline of today.
    How ironic that kerry and joe kennedy are both irish, from
    the same state, traitors to their country I their foreign policy dealings. Both
    silent about what goes on and turning their backs on Ireland! Would you trust
    people like that?

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