Self Destroyed: Amanda Bynes Borrowed Money from Uber Driver to Buy Socks


Amanda Bynes instagram

The above is a selfie posted by Amanda Bynes on Instagram this month. Bynes had to borrow money from an Uber taxi driver to buy socks on a 90-minute ride around Los Angeles last Friday morning, Entertainment Tonight reported.

The driver, Khalil Siyam, her up when she was fleeing the paparazzi who caught her sleeping on a sofa at the Beverly Center mall.

She said she needed to get to a drug store to get socks, because her feet were dirty, and then she asked her driver for some cash.

Siyam told ET, “It seemed like she was really distraught. She was worried about her money situation. She wanted to go to, like, a Rite Aid, so we could pick up some socks because she said her feet were dirty because she had been walking around barefoot for the past two days. I asked her why and she said, ‘Well, I haven’t had a place to stay, I’ve been restricted on money…

“I helped her out a little bit with getting her some socks and she needed her phone charging.”

Siyam told police he had a celebrity in the car and that the paparazzi who kept pestering her in his car were “driving recklessly… and I felt like our lives could potentially be in danger.”

Bynes was released from a psychiatric facility in October, and has been sleeping in friends’ homes, because, she says, her parents, who have been given control of her finances, are withholding her own money from her and she can’t afford a hotel. They’ve been giving her only $50 a day.

Speaking of restrictive folks, Amanda also published this familiar icon on instagram, yesterday, with the comment: “Adolf Hilter tricked germans with upsetting propaganda into believing Jews were less than the jews.”

That Hilter, when will he ever learn?



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