Published On: Tue, Nov 11th, 2014

Get your Fertilizer Red Worms Home Delivered


Israel’s Agrolan Ltd. Is offering a new special winter deal. For $16 the company will deliver red worms to your doorstep in Israel.

You heard correctly. Worms!

Agrolan says that raising worms in your home can be fun and exciting for the whole family. Apparently the worms produce a high quality fertilizer which people can use for their home gardens.

Oh, and they will also eat all of those pesky old newspapers that have piled up around the house, unless you prefer to recycle.

Israelis are currently at the forefront of the green revolution. Free range and organic farming abound in the country and people there are constantly developing natural alternatives to chemical based pesticides and fertilizers.

Located at Moshav Nov in the Golan Heights, AgroLan Ltd offers a wide range of high quality products that the company boasts can prevent and control plant diseases, increase plant welfare, improve the standards of live-stock production and minimize losses.

It employs a team of experienced and skilled managers and agronomists supported by a financially solid organization, utilizing modern productivity tools and other resources aimed at increasing sales growth and maximizing market penetration.

Red worms deconstruct organic compost quickly and efficiently, creating a high quality organic fertilizer for gardens and potted plants. They eat your leftover salad, grass clippings, bread, fruit, vegetables and used paper and cardboard. Apparently they are more active in winter.

The deal includes bonus worms and plenty of eggs for breeding worms. Red worm mature after only two months and lays eggs. Their numbers double about every three months.

According to Judah Glickman, CEO Agroln, the worms should be frown in an unlit container which can drain fluids. The raising of the worm, he said, can be a learning experience that will enrich your entire family, in addition to its contribution to the environment by significantly reducing the amount of household waste and the need for artificial fertilizers.

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