Published On: Tue, Nov 11th, 2014

Dell World Conference Unveils Ways Technology Can Save the World

Dell World Conference

The Dell World Conference, with keynote speaker Michael Dell, founder of Dell computers who took his company private last year, focused on ways technology can further improve lives, as reported by the Tech World blog.

A representative from Johns Hopkins discussed how the internet of things can save lives, by giving biofeedback to users and reducing the number of hospital visits. It can also alert users to medical emergencies before they happen, remind them to take their medicine, and report if the medicine is out of date. The potential is infinite, with smart hearing aids, smart contact lenses, and the like.

On the financial front, Kiva is a micro-loan service that makes $630 million worth of micro-loans a year to help people pull themselves out of poverty. Technology also will enable people to rent out their homes with little fuss.

Peter H. Diamandis, who spoke at the conference and runs the X Prize foundation, thinks technology will mean the eventual end of poverty. Looking at the advances in the last 150 with the technological revolution, with tech growing by leaps and bounds, the improvements of the quality of life will continue to multiply. Creating drinkable water can be as easy as using a device made by Dean Kamen called the Slingshot. It uses cow manure as fuel and process thousands of gallons of water a day.

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