Published On: Mon, Nov 10th, 2014

With 16, 000 Unfamiliar Employees, Returning CEO Bloomberg Orders Name Tags for All

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It did not take long for former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to return to his anal retentive ways. Not only has he insisted that employees at Bloomberg offices wear name tags so that he can learn their names, but the billionaire is also telling them how to wear their name tags.

Such micromanaging is legendary on Michael Bloomberg’s part. This is a man who famously once fired a staffer at the Mayor’s office just for playing computer solitaire.

Barely back in the saddle of his Bloomberg media, the former politician and maybe future Presidential candidate wasted no time in dictating new rules to his employees after a more than 12 year absence.

The new guidelines that Bloomberg has insisted on affect 16, 000 people. He sent out a memo which read:

“To all Bloomberg people

Hi. It’s great to be back and start to meet all 16, 000 hard-working Bloomberg employees. One thing that helps are the badges we all wear around our necks. Unfortunately, when one puts our B-unit on the same lanyard as the badge, 50% of the time we block our names and photos. It makes the memory process for someone my age more difficult (and creates an issue for hard working security guards). To help everyone, it makes sense to do what I do: badge on the lanyard, B-Unit in your pocket.

Tks, Mike”

Bloomberg just spent $20 million of his own money promoting pro-gun control candidates across the U.S. in last week’s mid-term elections. Some of that money went to Democratic incumbent Governors. Dannel Malloy in Connecticut and John Hickenlooper in Colorado, who both narrowly won re-election last week. They were also both targeted by America’s National Rifle Association due to their support for tougher gun control laws.

Bloomberg’s efforts are bi-partisan; however, as he also supported Republican candidates who agree with gun control. He spent millions to help elect Republican Charlie Backer Massachusetts governor and re-elected Republican Governor Rick Snyder in Michigan.

“Voters have seen enough, ” the former mayor wrote in an op-ed published Thursday on his company’s site, BloombergView. “I share their frustration, and as a strong believer in the idea that cities and states are the laboratories of democracy, I share their determination to act.”

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