Published On: Mon, Nov 10th, 2014

Marc Maron Tearful over Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Louie CK

Marc Maron

Comedian and podcast host Marc Maron recently gave a tearful interview with the Huffington Post in which he discussed his 2010 interview of Robin Williams. The comic also revealed the background to his feud with Louie C.K. and dished on his relationship with Jay Leno.

A clearly chocked up Maron listened as a recording of his Robin Williams interview was played in which Williams discussed his struggles with addiction. Williams also eerily described how a therapist once told him how his thoughts of suicide were not really sincere. Maron said that he was glad to have had the opportunity to conduct that interview.

Maron called the interview, “horrifying, but real.”

He further said that “when somebody like Robin Williams, the clown prince of the planet, hangs himself at his house, people are going to be like, ‘What? What? It doesn’t fit.’ So to know that I had this thing, this weird hour that I spent with him, and that that was in there, it gave dimension to what happened, at least. Because there aren’t that many interviews like that. I don’t think there’s anything like that. And I don’t know how we got there that morning, but obviously it was there. Obviously.”

Maron said that he does not have depression but that he gets overwhelmed sometimes.

As for Louie C.K., Maron once appeared on the latter’s TV show Louie in which the two comics were portrayed as estranged from one another to say the least. Louie C.K. calls Maron out of the blue and Maron gets annoyed at him for forgetting that they were fighting.

This was based, in part, on their real life relationship which was strained when Louie C.K. became more successful. “We were good friends, and we relied on each other a bit as a balancing board. He was always very calming to me, ” Maron said. “But at some point, I got cynical and he got successful, and he got to the point where it made him feel shitty to talk to me because I was so nasty. It just got weird, and it was sad.”

Jay Leno, apparently, told Maron that he was surprised that the comic would even appear on his show thinking that he was more of a “Conan guy.”

“It was interesting. There was a loneliness to it. There was a sadness to it, in my take on it, ” he said.

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