Glick Family Shocked at Lack of Official US Interest in Rabbi’s Fate



Dr. Yitz Glick, a resident of Efrat, Israel, and brother of Rabbi Yehuda Glick who was shot by a terrorist assassin last week, sent the following announcement to Caroline Glick on Tuesday:

“I just wanted to tell you that our family is shocked that we haven’t heard a single word from the U.S. State Dept., the U.S. Ambassador or any representative of the US government regarding the shooting of our brother a US citizen Yehuda Glick.

“My father Prof. Shimon Glick served as Captain in the U.S. Army. He was a federal employee both in the NIH and the VA, taking part in leading hormone research projects. The chief investigator, Rose Yalow, was awarded a Nobel prize.

“My father is one of only five Americans residing in Israel to be appointed to the U.S. National Academy of Science.

“No outrage, no wishes of speedy recovery, not a single word from any U.S. official. This is in total contrast to the teenager that attacked police with a Molotov Cocktail and the State Dept. demanded a transparent investigation and not to mention Abbas’ letter of support to the terrorist shooter.”



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