Published On: Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014

Facebook to Share Users’ Info with News Agencies


Facebook will now share its users’ personal information with news agencies. This while adding a new feature which will update people as to their loved ones’ safety during natural disasters.

Oh Facebook, when will you learn? As if you haven’t given people enough reasons to be concerned about their privacy while using your website. Just last summer you used people as guinea pigs for a psychological experiment and already take advantage of your user’s personal information for targeted advertising.

Now comes word that the world’s largest social network will comb through postings that its users made regarding political issues in America and share the information with both ABC News and BuzzFeed. The two news organizations will use the information as a tool for deciding how to handle their coverage of the 2016 American presidential elections.

Facebook will aid ABC and BuzzFeed by categorizing its American users’ status updates regarding politicians and policy issues as positive, negative or neutral. ABC News is already set to use information that was collected by Facebook for its coverage of this week’s midterm elections.

But Facebook does have some good news for its more than 1 billion users, especially those who live in regions that suffer from natural disasters. Its new “Safety Check” lets people who are near a natural disaster tell family and friends if they are safe while checking to see if their family members are safe themselves.

Simple to use, Facebook will ask if you are safe, if it looks like you may be near a natural disaster. If you are OK then you just click or tap the “I’m Safe” button to let friends and loved ones know right away. Facebook will let you know when friends say that they are safe. You can also check a list of friends who may be affected by the disaster.

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