Amy Winehouse Exhibit (Shrine?) Takes Tel Aviv


Amy Winehouse A Family Portrait

An exhibit dedicated to the troubled  and singular Jewish chanteuse, “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” has traveled from the Jewish Museum in London to Tel Aviv, according to the Forward. It was curated by the deceased singer’s sister and brother-in-law and contains her life in pictures and artifacts with a decidedly warm, familial touch. Despite her edginess, her tattoos, suggestive crooning, and the alcohol addiction that claimed her life (it wasn’t alcohol overdose, her father was eager to note following her passing, but withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit cold turkey that caused her death), the display shows photos of her as a young girl with her family, a girl who was daring but sweet,  if dangerous, more than a bit adorable.

There seems to be quite a bit of sentimentality the family may need to cling to after the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the death of a woman who won 5 Grammys in one night and whose album ‘Back in Black’ is still one of the best selling recordings so far in the 21st century. While some in Israel consider Beit Hatfusoth and a stuffy and old-fashioned venue, the Winehouse exhibition is certain to add some vitality and verve. According to the Forward, it is a shrine in every sense, with not only her costumes and guitar, but even her Tube ticket that was in her pocket on the way to a concert and even refrigerator magnets.


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