Published On: Mon, Oct 27th, 2014

British More Likely to Believe in Aliens than in God


A study involving 1, 500 adults and 500 children ages 8-12, showed that more than half of adults believe in aliens, but only a quarter believe in God, Metro reported.

The poll also revealed that adults are more likely to believe in ghosts than in God.

Out of the children who participated in the poll, close to two thirds believe that aliens and ghosts exist, and half were certain UFOs existed as well.

For a touch of panorama, a quarter of the children polled believe that the aliens are walking among us disguised as humans. But only 5% think they know an alien.

The survey was carried out by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, in preparation for Halloween. General Manager Natascha Crump said the survey reflected the natural curiosity of children regarding aliens, UFOs and ghouls “at this time of year.”

She added: “The stereotype would be of exasperated parents quashing any claims of aliens and UFO’s but this research shows this is clearly not the case.”

And, of course: “Our aim at Ripley’s is to really broaden the minds of children and adults alike for them to believe anything is possible.”

As usual, the really important conclusion from this poll has to be that God must get better representation.

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