Published On: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014

Spot.IM Everywhere Social Network Looking to Unseat Facebook

Look out Facebook. New Israeli company Spot.IM which offers distributed social networks has just launched its service.

Today new businesses, small and large alike, rush to create a Facebook page for their promotion. It’s almost like no one remembers a world without Facebook. Now imagine a day where there will be a world without Facebook. Hard to do, right.

Founded by Nadav Shoval and Ishay Green two years ago, Spot.IM created new technology that allows any website to become its own social network.

Calling itself the first “everywhere social network, ” the company declares that it empowers website owners and publishers to turn their websites into a social network driven by their own content. Spot.IM’s technology enables publishers to “take back ownership of the conversation going on around their content, freeing them from having to rely on larger, external social networks to provide the social space for community content engagement.”

“Basically we’re creating a new social infrastructure that will overlay the web, giving site owners a way to join the social age and succeed, ” said Shoval. “Today, publishers work extremely hard to create good content their visitors will enjoy, but end up exporting those visitors to external social networks so that they can socially engage around that content. We want to help those publishers keep that traffic on site by allowing them to offer the social engagement right there, where the content was created.”

Spot.IM’s beta version has been used so far on 1, 000 different web sites, including Time Out, Kerrang, and Suamusica.

The product has already been partially translated into 11 different languages and full translations will soon be available. Spot.IM is expanding into East Asia, currently operating in Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines.

The company has been invited by the South Korean government to take part in a Global Entrepreneurship Week in that country coming up in late November.

Ishay Green is no high tech startup novice. His last venture, Soluto, which created software to monitor PC performance, made a $100 million exit in 2013 when it was acquired by device insurance provider Asurion.

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