Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

GlassesOff App Improves Air Force Pilots’ Vision


The GlassesOff app, yet another innovation to come out of startup nation, lets people use their mobile devices to improve their eyesight. Even the Israeli Air Force uses it to improve the vision of its pilots.

If you are above a certain age then you know what it is like to suddenly find your vision getting weaker. You may have never had to wear glasses before, and now you have trouble focusing on close up items and need to get reading glasses. For someone who spent a lifetime without having to wear glasses it can be annoying to suddenly need to carry around a pair just for reading.

Now GlassesOff boasts that it has a cure for such vision problems. Under the tag line, “Revolutionary science delivered directly to your iPhone, ” the company states that it has developed a proprietary method for improving near vision sharpness, by improving the image processing function in the visual cortex of the brain.

The app works by offering users game-like challenges which include intensive visual stimulation tasks, composed of reading abilities evaluations and approximately three 12-minute sessions per week, over a period of three months.

Now the company has announced that statistically significant interim results from a study commissioned by the Israeli Air Force demonstrated important improvements in critical visual functions of IAF pilots through the use of the GlassesOff mobile app. By using the app the IAF pilots in the study improved across multiple visual functions, including 35% improvement in visual acuity and 24% improvement in image processing speed.

The study was commissioned by the IAF and conducted in collaboration with the IAF’s Israeli Aeromedical Unit. Yuval Levy, MD, Vice Director of the Wolfson Medical Center in Israel and former Commander of the IAMU, is the principal investigator of the study.

The primary objective of the study is improvement in near visual acuity of Air Force pilots using the GlassesOff mobile app, resulting in the enhancement of operations capabilities.

“I believe these effects will result in operational benefits for Air Force pilots, ” stated Dr. Levy. “By improving visual stimuli response rates and increasing visual field size, Air Force pilots would identify faster and react quicker to objects rapidly entering the pilots’ visual field, such as missiles or other aircraft. In addition, they are expected to have better performance while using night vision goggles or helmet display.”

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